New Changes in Divorce Law

Due to recent changes in the law, Wilson Kester now provides limited scope legal services, in addition to the traditional approach. When you can’t afford to hire an attorney but want some peace of mind as you handle the uncharted waters of divorce, limited scope could be the answer.

Limited scope legal services enables a person to hire an attorney to help with document drafting or permits an attorney to appear for a specific hearing in their case, if adequate to the circumstances. Examples of drafting include the paperwork to start the divorce, preparing an order that fully resolves the child related issues, preparation of motions for help while the case is ongoing, proposed orders, documents required by the court, discovery requests, such as subpoenas, requests for documents or written questions, called interrogatories. Beyond drafting documents, limited scope allows an attorney to provide strategic advice without appearing in the case.

When full litigation representation is not possible, limited scope can meet a client’s essential needs in the appropriate circumstance. We think this change in the law is a good thing and a great new option, when contrasted with the risk of no legal representation at all. If you have a family law matter and could use the help of an experienced family law attorney for certain aspects of your case, please give Wilson Kester a call.

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